Business Cybersecurity


An in-depth look at developing and implementing a cybersecurity framework for you or your company.


  • Topic 1: The current threat landscape
  • Topic 2: Advanced threats and concerns
  • Topic 3: The cybersecurity profession
  • Topic 1: Planning and governance
  • Topic 2: Roles and responsibilities
  • Topic 3: Cyber infrastructure preparation
    • Topic 3a: Protective technologies and continuous monitoring
  • Topic 1: Threat detection and amelioration
  • Topic 2: Scope, mitigation, and reporting
  • Topic 3: Remediation
  • Topic 4: Communicating
  • Topic 5: Ransomware Readiness
  • Topic 1: What is the cloud?
  • Topic 2: Cloud cost and benefits
  • Topic 3: Cloud security
  • Topic 1: The insider threat
  • Topic 2: SETA employee engagements
  • Topic 3: Best practices and early warnings
  • Topic 1: Frameworks and models
  • Topic 2: Leadership and the CISO
  • Topic 3: Best practices
I appreciate the leadership for the University of Alabama for offering the Cyber Security program. They have recognized the needs for continuing education in this field due to the frequency and severity of cyber incidents, even in our local communities. With adverse market conditions in the insurance industry, this program offers alternatives for increased premiums, and coverage restrictions. The instruction provided is in excellence for this field of study.
Skip Roberts, CIC, AAM, AAI
Senior Vice-President, Byars Wright


Build organizations resilient to cyberattacks by learning about technical best practices and procedures from renowned researchers

Earn 22 hours of CPE for CPAs.

Designed for:

  • IT Administrators
  • Executives
  • Data Practitioners
  • Or anyone technical or non-technical who wants to understand or mitigate cyber threats

Registrants will:

  • Understand problems cybersecurity professionals face from both inside and outside of an organization
  • Learn how to respond to attacks and build a resilient culture of cybersecurity
  • Learn to speak the language of cybersecurity professionals allowing informed conversations with cybersecurity teams and colleagues
  • Reinforce traits to become leaders as a cybersecurity officer

Topics covered:

  • Understanding cybersecurity problems and the profession
  • Developing and maintaining a cybersecurity program
  • Creating an attack response
  • Securing the cloud
  • Fortifying the weakest link
  • Developing a cyber culture


The online certificate program comprises six self-paced modules, and you are given a six-month window to finish them. You can begin the program at any time.  

Upon completion of the modules, you will receive a certified digital badge issues from Credly, as well as a certificate of completion in the mail. 

This certificate is not eligible for federal financial aid. No academic credit will be awarded.


Matthew Hudnall

Associate Director of the Institute of Business Analytics
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Greg Bott

Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity
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Allen Johnston

Professor of MIS
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Stephanie Lowe

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